How does our process work?

The process we use for hydro-seeding starts much the same as our No-Till drill seeding. We will gather soil samples of the areas you are looking to have planted. From these soil samples we can evaluate what seeds, fertilizer, hydro-mulch and what land preparations areĀ  needed to ensure your projects success.
Why Hydro-Seed?

Hydro-seeding is the ultimate erosion control solution. The process involves mixing water with seed and bundles of Hydro mulch that have tackifying agents to bond mulch fibers on the soil (Fertilizers can also be added). This accelerates the growing process by keeping moisture close to the seed. With the increased germination rates, results can usually be seen in about a week. We only use the best hydro-mulch and application techniques to provide superior erosion control.

  • Tank Dams
  • Lawns
  • Any incline where erosion is present