No-Till Drill Seeding
How does the process work?

After contacting Precision AG and setting up a free consultation, we will gather soil samples of the areas you are looking to have planted. From these soil samples we can evaluate what seeds, fertilizer and land preparations areĀ  needed to ensure your planting projects success.

Why No-Till drill seed?

No-till drill seeding is the most accurate in seed bed placement period. This is important for your crop since most varieties are depth sensitive. The drill we use has unprecedented versatility and is capable of planting all variety's of "fluffy" seed mixes and grains up to a quarter inch in size. Of course all this fancy equipment is useless unless you have someone knowledgeable to operate it. That is why you need Precision Agriculture LLC and the sixth generation farmers that provide the skills necessary to get the job done right.

  • Food Plots
  • Oilfield pipelines/pad site reductions
  • Wildlife habitat restorations/Re-conservation